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Amagi and Akagi were selected to be converted as aircraft carriers under the fleet construction program.

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On September 1, , the Great Kanto Earthquake happened, the earthquake damaged Amagi's hull which is beyond repair, so they decided to scrapped her for materials. Akagi's construction as an aircraft carrier began on November 19, , she was reclassified as an aircraft carrier on November 21, She was launched on April 22, , she was transferred to Yokosuka Naval Yard upon competition. She was commissioned on March 25, Her displacement is 36, tons, 41, tons when deep loaded.

Her belt armor thickness is 6 inch while her deck armor thickness is 3. She achieved She's armed with six single 7.

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She is equipped with 4 shafts and 4 Kampon geared turbines capable of generating , shaft horse power, she carries 3, tons of fuel and 2, of coal. She was installed with 3 superimposed flight decks which giver her the ability to launch her planes as quickly as possible. Her main flight deck is Her initial amount of aircraft she could carry is 60 aircraft with , gallons of aviation fuel AvGas. After several trials, she was put under reserve status. She was attached to the newly formed 1st CarDiv along with Houshou and participated on special fleet maneuvers.

She was put on reserve again afterwards and undergone short refitting at Yokosuka Naval Yard.

USS Tennessee survived Pearl Harbor to fight WWII

They replaced her arresting gear and improved and ventilation systems, they installed radio instrumentation system. She was reassigned and served as the flagship of the newly formed 2nd CarDiv with Minekaze and Okikaze.

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She was docked on Sasebo Naval Arsenal on October 24, , and undergone to a massive modernization, her reconstruction take less work than Kaga but quite long because of the Great Depression. Her three flight decks were removed and replaced them with a single fight deck with an increased length of Her standard displacement increases to 37, tons which reduced her speed from Her modernization was completed on August 31, After several trials, she resumed to active service and was assigned again to the 1st CarDiv escorted by destroyers Oite , Hayate , Asanagi and Yuunagi from DesDiv She departed from Sasebo to Southern China afterwards, her air complement is now consisted of 12 Mitsubishi A5M Type 96 fighters with 4 reserved, 18 Aichi D1A2 dive-bombers with 5 reserved, and 36 Yokosuka B4Y attack aircraft with 16 reserved.

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She arrives off Hainan Island, China, and supported ground operations which includes several attacks on Guilin and Liuzhou, she provides air cover for the invasion force landing on Samah Bay along with Souryuu and Hiryuu from 2nd CarDiv and seaplane tender Chiyoda escorted by the DesRon 1. After returning to Japan she was once again deployed to China, her aircraft complement is now consist of 18 A5Ms with 6 reserve, 27 Nakajima B5N torpedo bombers with 9 reserve, and 18 D1A2s with 6 reserve.

She supported on further Japanese Operations within China.


She was reclassified as a Special Purposed Ship on November 15, while she undergoes special inspection of her armaments, radio instrumentation and fire-control systems. They changed her aircraft complement again with 18 A5Ms with 3 reserve, 27 B5Ns with 3 reserve, 18 Aichi D3A dive-bombers with 3 reserve, she conducted several practices within home waters and undergone to four minor repairs and maintenance.

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  • USS Tennessee survived Pearl Harbor to fight WWII!

On November 22, , she arrived at Etorofu Island Iturup Island and attended the secret assembly point for the planning of the attack on Pearl Harbor. She lost 1 A6M2 and 4 D3A1s during the attacks. The departed from Truk with CruDiv 8. Akagi supported the invasion of Rabaul , she provided 20 B5N2s and 9 A6M2s during their initial attack, her planes bombed the Norwegian cargo vessel Herstein. Akagi launched another 6 A6M2s and 18 D3A1s for another airstrike on Rabaul before the ground forces landed and occupy Rabaul and Kavieng, the 1st and 5th CarDiv continued to provide air-cover throughout the invasion, after the invasion she departed for Truk afterwards.

She participated on the bombing of Port Darwin along together the 2nd CarDiv while screened by 2 heavy cruisers from CruDiv 8, 1 light cruiser from DesRon 1 with 4 destroyers from DesDiv 17, 2 destroyers from DesDiv 18, and 2 destroyers from DesDiv The raid sank 8 ships and damaged 9 ships with 15 Allied aircraft destroyed, Akagi didn't lost any planes during the raids.

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The Kido Butai also covered the troops during the invasion of Java. The Kido Butai sank a corvette, 2 oil tankers, and a merchant ship afterwards. She returned to Japan to refit and replenish. Akagi served as Vice Admiral Nagumo 's flagship. One B aircraft piloted by Lt. During that time many museums and national parks were shut down across the country, while memorials and monuments lay neglected.

One of those was the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, which is the resting place of more than 1, marines and sailors who died during the attack. Army medic Josh Stone noticed its neglected appearance and decided to do something about it. On Sunday, October 13, , he put out a call for volunteers on Facebook. Josh Stone and his cadre of volunteers know their sacrifice should not be forgotten. And they knew what more could be done to remember them. What can you do?

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