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The final credits reveal that as well as a personal assistant, Johansson had a "personal security" team.

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I wonder if they were called upon at any point. Her alien is voluptuous, superbly insouciant, unaffected by her surroundings — though I think feeling the cold a tiny bit. She greets the stunned menfolk with an unreadably polite half-smile. The story of Johansson's alien begins with a mysterious and Kubrickian "birth" scene in a brilliantly rendered dimensionless otherworld. The alien is transferred to Scotland's dark, rainy streets and it — she — appears to have a minder, who rides a motorbike, and secures for her a human bodyshape from a dead girl retrieved from the roadside.

Or perhaps that is another expired alien whose shape is being reused. At any rate, our alien is soon up and running in her Ford Transit , seducing wide-eyed males who can't believe their good luck and are quite right not to. At the seashore, she witnesses a complex "rescue" scene in which earthling emotions of pity and compassion are on display — feelings she does not share. The most staggering scene is one in which the alien picks up a young man with the facial disfigurement of neurofibromatosis, played by Adam Pearson.

The alien does not essentially distinguish between his looks and those of her other victims, but there is a crisis, and the alien becomes vulnerable: a potential victim herself. But Glazer places his film in such a different and unexpected locale: in tough city streets more associated with Andrea Arnold or Ken Loach. The quicksilver shapes of futurist bodyhorror fantasy are scuffed with social-realist grit, but modified, too, with Jonathan Glazer's brilliant flair for visual impact.

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Under The Skin

Its message may prove elusive for some, but with absorbing imagery and a mesmerizing performance from Scarlett Johansson, Under the Skin is a haunting viewing experience. Minds will be blown to the four winds. Michael Phillips. Glacial in pace, skeletal in plot, and generally nasty, Jonathan Glazer's Under the Skin is a repetitive nightmare of drear and dread punctuated by moments of queasy-making horror.

Matthew Lickona. It's admirable that Johansson should be so willing to go off the Hollywood grid, but the truth is, "Under the Skin" would have been a lot better if it wasn't so excruciatingly arty. Peter Rainer. Imagine for a moment that Marilyn Monroe - in a black wig and outfitted in tarty Primark - is dropped into the dreich streets of Glasgow, and drives round in a white van picking up eager young men.

Under the Skin by Michel Faber

Kate Muir. By estranging us from supposed normality, Glazer forces us to identify with otherness: Johansson's mystery woman is a predator, but also potentially a victim.

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Jake Wilson. All this is initially fascinating, and then progressively less so. Liam Lacey. A cinematic masterpiece that's surreal, scintillating, and unforgettably strange. Nicholas Bell. If a Supreme Court Justice can declare porn to be without definition but knowable on sight, so too can art fall into the same metric. I don't know why Under the Skin is exceptional art. I just know it is.

Ryan Syrek. Under The Skin is for sure an oddity with unscripted dialogue, strange acting, even stranger events, but the alluring monotonous aesthetic accompanied by hypnotizing VFX and a transporting score makes it a definite must-see. Hanna B. Glazer's hauntingly assured direction, accompanied by Johansson's chilling performance, merge to create something unforgettable. Matthew Lucas.

While Johansson is great her role is too enigmatic to make any of the final acts resonate.

A mesmerising, deeply attentive piece of filmmaking; acutely original in spite of its eminent heraldry. Cameron Ward. Top Box Office. More Top Movies Trailers. Certified Fresh Picks. Castle Rock: Season 2. Fear the Walking Dead: Season 5. Into The Dark: Season 1. Robot: Season 4.

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