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Tanis has long been one of the best voices on modern American cooking, a gifted chef — 25 years at Chez Panisse — and equally gifted writer. This was the ethos behind the famous Berkeley restaurant where Tanis cooked for much of his career, and also behind his New York Times cooking column. So we have a book divided by ingredients and devoted to their appreciation. Strewn throughout are notes on the qualities of all those vegetables, considerations of spices, techniques, pantry essentials and a meditation on seasoning.

This is the first book by the chefs, a married couple who also own the restaurant, who co-wrote the book with food writer JJ Goode. It is a pretty, fun-to-read cookbook, starting with the chatty backstory to the restaurant, which famously serves its food in dim sum carts. So there are lots of recipes, for all the stuff on those carts: things like sourdough pancakes with sauerkraut, pecorino and ricotta; radish toasts with yogurt butter and shredded dried fish; and cast-iron quail eggs with summer vegetable condiments and garlic chips.

There are also plenty of larder recipes State Bird chicken dashi, salted chile paste, kimchi pickles , plus asides and anecdotes the Religion of Anchovies, a bit about the importance of peanut muscovado milk. And, important for many of us, there is a serious dessert section, with a heartening number of ice cream sandwich recipes.

So we have a hefty volume of well over pages, filled with recipes that, it is safe to say, have been quite thoroughly tested.

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There are chapters devoted to drop cookies, bar cookies, sandwich cookies, gluten-free cookies and, yes, Christmas cookies. Not only are there plenty of lovely color photographs to help you out and make you hungrier than you already were but there are also how-to guides, shaping instructions, tutorials on candymaking and making puff pastry dough, tempering chocolate and more. How to form perfect pretzel sables?

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How to cleanly cut bar cookies? Of course. What pans to use when?


All this and a recipe for a giant chocolate chip cookie you cook in a skillet. Now Dufresne, with former Lucky Peach writer and editor Meehan, has written a book about the place, which is both cookbook and homage. And the story of the place — jammed into an old bodega on the Lower East Side until developers eventually tore the building down — reads like an edible elegy.

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Chefs often pair with writers, photographers or illustrators to produce cookbooks — not often do they collaborate with perfumers. Yet this is what celebrated chef Patterson of the restaurants Coi, Alta and Locol did for his new cookbook, joining with perfumer Aftel to write a cookbook that is also a consideration of how flavor works in cooking. The eventual result of that and other experiments is a book that is part cookbook, part meditation. There is much exploration of the chemistry behind food pairings and techniques, of how flavor is balanced, heightened and manipulated.

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Happily, this conversation is punctuated by recipes for dishes such as chicken stewed with saffron, orange and tarragon; roasted delicata squash with pumpkin seed oil and togarash i; and winter vegetables with charred onion broth and olive oil. Which is to say that you can put down the book when you get hungry and cook some pretty spectacular, very flavorful food. This cake is not particularly sweet — probably because it relies on the frosting to balance the sweetness.

After trying a little piece from the bottom of the cake, I decided to go ahead and add the frosting in a pretty thick layer… but I still had more than half of it left over! It came out pretty well — a bit more dense than I expected, but still moist and mildly flavorful. It could have used a lot more spice, I think. And the tomato soup part? Only slightly detectable. I had three people warily test the cake before they knew the secret ingredient, and none of them could figure it out after all guessing pumpkin. My son said it tasted okay when he was eating it, but later noticed a bit of a tomato aftertaste, and the kid who eats almost everything actually turned down another slice.

Overall verdict?

  • Retro recipe revisited: Tomato soup cake.
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The texture was fine, but the taste was just a little bit… off. When it comes to desserts, I want to make sure every delicious bite is really worth the calories. While I have no doubt that this bread would delight some of you out there, for 4 of the 5 people who tested this recipe in my house — including myself — the only good part was the cream cheese frosting. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Want to remember to remember?

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Retro recipes revisited: Tomato soup cake. Adding the tomato soup to the sugar mixture This was the strangest step at all — pouring in a savory, saucy tomato soup to a sweet quick bread recipe!

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