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But for one man in Russia, it symbolized a profound humiliation. Vladimir Putin was then a minor public official, serving as a deputy city functionary in St.

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Petersburg after ending his career as a KGB agent, withdrawn from East Germany after its communist government fell. Russia was a defeated nation. It had lost the Cold War, and along with it millions of square miles of territory, as imperial possessions dating to the czarist era declared their independence. Alcoholism and prostitution boomed. Life expectancy shrank. Clinton even did his best to influence Russian politics, throwing his support to a deeply unpopular Yeltsin, who used his ties to the U. Today, as the U. But in scheming to defeat Hillary Clinton, and by subjecting American democracy itself to Russian influence, he is also closing a loop opened in part by the Clintons 20 years ago.

But he can avenge it. And in Donald Trump—the man who defeated Hillary Clinton and seems ready to deal with Putin on terms that few other American politicians would countenance—he hopes he has found a willing partner. During the '90s the U.

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Bolstered by his lead role in a popular crackdown on alleged terrorists in the Russian republic of Chechnya, Putin was narrowly elected the following March. In Russia was too weak for a return to confrontation, its military still a hollow shell, and distracted by the brutal Chechnya campaign. In fact he and George W. The Bush-Putin relationship deteriorated for many reasons. But one of them, ironically, was a charge of election interference.

He lashed out at what he called U. The U. Putin saw another kind of political agenda in the former Soviet republic of Georgia, with which he did battle over a territorial dispute in August Some Russia experts and U. Joining her husband for his first state visit to Russia in January , Hillary Clinton had a bumpy flight into Moscow. As her motorcade hurtled into the city, Clinton felt queasy, and searched in vain for an improvised barf bag in her limousine. No dice. On a personal level, though, Clinton got off on the right foot.

Issues like nuclear arms control and a stable Afghanistan could be the building blocks of a new and stronger relationship, the thinking went. Behavioral changes are typically hard to make and need to be motivated. Spontaneous remission like "Smoky Robinson" are great events. It also occurs when people are sick and tired of being sick and tired. AA programs and others help people do more than just stop, they help them keep growing. YOU Do. Offering more flexible and inviting approaches provides more roads to recovery. Back Psychology Today. Back Find Counselling.

Back Get Help. Back Magazine. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. Consider Sleep and Screen Time. Two Concepts of the True Self. Anne M.

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There I was in my room, doing vodka shots, and maybe a little bit of cocaine. I headed down to this event. You would think that meeting the sitting President would be reason to stay sober, but not for me. Oh no, and in fact, as the moment came for the photograph I flung my arm around Dick Cheney like that.

Then there was the total blackout I was in when I had a conversation with Joe Biden at a restaurant. I was a really, really good drinker. I was great at it. I used to like to dance on bars. Not at bars, but actually on top of bars. Laurie Dhue: No. Well, boy did you miss out.

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I remember getting on an airplane. Apparently I went to five different cities in Spain.

The President's Therapist - And the Intervention to Treat Alcoholism of George W. Bush (Hardcover)

I was in a blackout the whole time. Then there was the time that I woke up in the ER after overdosing. After a night of alcohol and cocaine and Xanax and marijuana and then more of all of those, I was found face down on the floor of my kitchen.

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Thank goodness my boyfriend at the time found me, called , got me in an ambulance. I arrived at the emergency room. They kept me overnight. Do you think that was enough for me to stop drinking and drugging? I continued to drink alcoholically for the next two and a half years.

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  5. Great job, nice salary, a fancy apartment with beautiful clothes in the closet, lots of fans. My family love me, my friends love me and on and on and on, but the truth of the matter was I was so incredibly isolated and so incredibly lonely. So March 14, was the beginning of a beautiful journey. One with plenty of ups and downs but mostly ups.

    Little did I know that I would become a leading advocate for recovery in this country. Even though I knew that I had much to be proud of for making that life-saving decision to get sober. And I knew that I had become a happier and a more productive employee I felt that I had to keep it secret because I mistakenly thought that I would lose my job. So people stay quiet and silence equals death.