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Odd Thomas is asked to help. Odd has to battle overbearing ghost hunters, a Nedra who fawns over them and inclement weather that keeps everyone in the house for the night. The drawing style and the way the panels are arranged on the page convey this manga style. Having said that, Chan does avoid the more goofy, cartoony flair often found in manga. It was a fun read. It was written in a way that anyone can get into it without having known the characters beforehand.

The middle seemed to sag a little, relying on the antics of the ghost hunting team, which became a trite parody of what we already know about ghost hunting teams with phony TV shows. The psychic totes around a cat, who is often the most charming part about their little team and he spends half the comic asleep. I also craved a little more about the baddie in this book. In the end, Odd and his friends find that the true danger comes not from the supernatural, but a criminal in disguise, and only they have the means and the knowledge to save the town.

Despite a full cast of quirky characters, including resident eccentric novelist Ozzie Boone, his editor Valerie Malovent, and the helpful shade of Elvis Presley, this story is mostly plot-driven, with numerous twists and turns that kept me on my toes yet all came together in the end.

In fact, some pages were wholly or mostly artwork, but still carried the weight of the tale. Feb 28, Jonathan Echevarria rated it it was amazing.

This is the second of three different prequel graphic novels about Odd Thomas. Just like the first one it was cool to see the characters we have read about come to life in a comic book format. It helps since sometimes these character descriptions are vague in the main series. They even go on adventures together.

If anything Dean Koontz writes really romantic and believable relationships not based on sex and attraction alone. I love their dialogue, banter and chemistry. For that reason if you care at all about these characters I would suggest giving these graphic novels a shot. However if you have no interest in the main novels then I suggest giving the graphic novels a hard pass.

These comics only serve to enrich the main novels and add more flavor to them. These prequel stories could be considered really entertaining filler at best. Oct 02, Kara rated it it was amazing Shelves: supernatural , zfive-star , series , forever-favorites , reviews , , graphic-novels , young-adult. After reading the original Odd Thomas series by Dean Koontz, I felt like there was more of the story to tell. I had done research before and, because I didn't have time to read all the books in time, I decided to watch the movie instead. I ended up completely falling in love with the character of Odd and his girlfriend, Stormy.

They reminded me of my own relationship and was crying by the end of it. So I finally was at a place that I could read the series in totality. I wondered how in the world After reading the original Odd Thomas series by Dean Koontz, I felt like there was more of the story to tell. I wondered how in the world Odd could survive for six more books without his beloved Stormy, but he had enough to keep him busy.

I had seen the graphic novels before, but was wary of them. For some reason, I thought that they were separate from the Odd Thomas I knew and loved, but it wasn't until recently that I discovered they took place before the first book began. I knew I just had to read them. Because they are graphic novels, I read them very fast and could not put them down.

Being able to see Odd was a nice change, too. After I finished reading Saint Odd I watched the movie once again only to be disappointed in the fact that they would never seen a sequel. Anton Yelchin, rest his soul, was perfect for the role of Odd so anyone who tries to replace him is most likely to fail.

The actual plot is still rather simple - Bodachs are abroad during Halloween celebrations in Pico Mundo and Odd is haunted by a ghost trick or treater. The villain of the piece is a horticulturalist who hated having his greenhouse trashed and turns into a mad bomber What I really liked about this one was character. Ozzie gets introduced into the graphic novel universe and he and the demon cat Terrible Chester are just great. While I still feel these are watered down, 'Odd Thomas lite' if you will, I quite enjoyed this one.

May 12, Marti Dolata rated it it was ok Shelves: part-of-series , sf-f , graphic-novel. I found this disappointing, although to be fair I should mention I read this just after powering through all the SAGA series by Vaughan. I found the art below mediocre and the stories lacking the charm of the novels. However, this may not be surprising as my impression is they are actually written by Fred Van Lente with Koontz's involvement limited to allowing his characters to be used and editing.

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Jan 19, Benjamin Page rated it liked it. I liked the first graphic novel in the series better, but this was still a welcome addition. Unfortunately, the story was nowhere near as intricate and polished as Mr. Koontz's typical work--some of the scenes seemed a little unlikely and awkward. As with the first graphic novel, it was nice to see the "behind the scenes" info and preview of the next novel at the end. Apr 16, Marcus Zottola rated it really liked it. As an Odd Thomas fan, I picked up all three graphic novels on a whim. While comparatively short relative to his normal books, they're hard to put down, and the length actually helped keep me invested in them.

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  7. This second one was about as good as the first one, with a little more dynamite and a little less one-on-one fighting. It left me anxious to read the final one the next day. Jul 19, Dee Robb rated it it was ok. This is my first Dean Koontz novel. I did not enjoy this at all. There was little to no character development, the storyline was predictable and the dialogue was boring and forced.

    Not sure that I will bother with any more Koontz. Dec 20, Natasha Penney rated it liked it. I've read the first three Odd Thomas books and I loved them. I'm not sure how I feel about this graphic novel. I can't decide if I just didn't enjoy it because it doesn't stack up for me on its own merit, or because I kept unintentionally comparing it to the real books.

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    Either way, it will never be revisited. Apr 05, Rob rated it really liked it. This is the second graphic novel prequel to the Odd Thomas books and I have been so excited, I was depressed when I finished what I thought was going to be the last Odd Thomas book in the series, I love having him back. Makes me want to go out and make Strawberry Pancakes. This was a Good Read.

    A bite sized Odd.

    Recommended for ODD fans like me! Not really a graphic novel fan. I remember them as comic books. Anyway I'm glad to have found it at the e-book library. Now I have to buy it for my Odd collection. A fan! I really thought I was going to like this more than I did from the plot synopsis, but it ended up feeling more like a bad episode of scooby doo. Nothing against scooby doo, but it's not what I was expecting. Dec 01, Jill Kenna rated it it was amazing. This was really good! I loved the short story about Halloween. Oct 02, Amy rated it really liked it.

    All the flavor of Koontz's Odd Thomas novels, but in a shorter, fun graphic novel format. Mar 03, Tanya rated it liked it Shelves: book-list , series , graphic-novels. Better than the last one.

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    Apr 30, Angela Lewis rated it liked it. Not really my thing. Jan 10, Jen rated it liked it Shelves: aty , ps Sweet little Odd Thomas story. Good to see Dean's vision for Ozzie pretty much matched with mine.

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    A graphic novel I am an Odd Thomas fan and did not realize I was checking out a graphic novel. That said a graphic novel on a kindle was a delightful change of pace. Dec 20, Erik Larson rated it did not like it.