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Physics: Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy. Course 7. Languages: english. Learning and teaching methods: lectures, exercises on state of the software for the analysis of vibrational spectra , presentation and interpretation of project results to other students in open discussion under supervision of the lecturer. Selected Topics from Molecular Spectroscopy This course is part of the programme: Physics Third Level Objectives and competences The primary goal of this course is to give students the theoretical and practical knowledge of modern molecular spectroscopies and their application in research field.

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Advanced techniques in infrared and Raman spectroscopy reflection measurements attenuated total reflection thin films polarization measurements rapid scan step scan 2-D vibrational spectroscopy modern methods of solving the vibrational problem 2. Selected topics from the applications of the vibrational spectroscopy polymer chemistry chemistry of dyes and coatings characterization of materials application of vibrational spectroscopy in biochemistry, medicine, biophysics and pharmacy characterization of hydrogen bonding structure and dynamics of proteins structure and dynamics of DNK molecules structure and dynamics of amphiphilic molecules application of vibrational analysis in analytical and food chemistry 3.


Advanced methods of high resolution NMR spectroscopy multidimensional pulse sequences study of macromolecules study of conformational flexible molecules study of intermolecular interactions application of NMR spectroscopy in structural organic and medical chemistry application of the NMR spectroscopy in pharmaceutical industry 4. Knowledge and understanding: Students learn the principles of different molecular spectroscopic methods They acquire basic knowledge about the application of the modern spectroscopies and techniques in practice.

The structure of poly-L-lysine in different solvents. Biophysical chemistry, , vol.

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Populations of the three major backbone conformations in 19 amino acid dipeptides. Calculation of the absorption spectrum from an ATR infrared experiment.

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Acta chim. Vibrational spectroscopy — modern trends.

Modern Spectroscopy, 2nd edition. Modern multidimensional protein NMR spectroscopy.

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Introduction to modern vibrational spectroscopy. The object of this book is to mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of the annual Columbus Symposium on Molecular Structure and Spectroscopy, which was held in September Up-to-date information on advances in several fields of molecular spectroscopy is presented and special stress is laid on electronic, infrared and microwave studies of molecular species in gas phase and in matrices.

Tables of wavelength standards, fundamental constants, atomic masses and conversion factors are provided, and contribute to the comprehensive thoroughness which characterises this volume.