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Additionally, it maintains equilibrium between deoxycytosine and deoxyuracil, which provides the sole source of thymidine for the cell.

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Among these epigenetically-modified bases are the newcomers, 5-hydroxymethyldeoxycytosine 5hmC and 5-formyldeoxycytosine 5fdC. After first having found that DNA polymerases cannot distinguish between these epigenetically-modified nucleotides and unmodified nucleotides when they are transfected into replicating cells, Kriaucionis and his team set out to understand what happens to the nucleosides 5-hydroxymethyldeoxycytidine 5hmdC and 5-formyldeoxycytidine 5fdC during nucleotide recycling.

More studies of efficacy and safety will be needed, but this study offers a clear example of how the study of basic pathways can lead to clinically relevant answers.

Sugar Modified Nucleosides and Nucleotides - The Synthesis of Anti-Viral Drugs

Check out the full details in Nature, July Chheda et al. High performance liquid chromatography of modified nucleosides in human serum E. Mitchell et al. Modified nucleosides in human blood serum as biochemical signals for neoplasia F.

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Salvatore et al. Biochemical correlations between pseudouridine excretion and neoplasias F.

Modified Nucleosides and Cancer

Cimino et al. High-performance liquid chromatography analysis of nucleosides and bases in mucosa tissues and urine of gastrointestinal cancer patients K.

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Sharma, A. RNA catabolites in health and disease I. Clark et al.

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Serum nucleoside chromatography for classification of lung cancer and controls J. McEntire et al. This work deserves a position in a library's holdings as well as on a scientist's personal bookshelf. We are always looking for ways to improve customer experience on Elsevier.

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Modified Nucleosides and Cancer

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