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Draw a line on the first plus sign that turns it into a 4! You could also change the equal symbol to a crossed out equal symbol which means "not equal to". This number added to it's square, and the digits of that summation added together, bring it back to itself.

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What is it? In short; This can also work with the number 0 and 9. Take eight small sticks, four of which are half the length of the other four. Make three equal squares out of the sticks. Use the longer four sticks to be sharing sides between the squares and at the end their should be three intertwined squares.

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There is a certain club which is for men only. How many earrings are being worn in this club? Six hundred.

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This is the same as if they all wore one. Adored by few, Feared and hated by many.


Mistress of the entire universal reason, Master in the art of numbers. Some may have solved many of your mysteries, But there still much of them to find. What are they? If seven people meet each other and each shakes hands only once with each of the others, how many handshakes will there have been?

Twenty one.

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Most people would think there were 42 handshakes. The first person shakes the hand of 6 others, the second person shakes the hand of 5 remaining people, the third person shakes the hand of 4 remaining people, the fourth person shakes the hand of 3 remaining people, the 5th person shakes the hand of 2 remaining people and the sixth person shakes the hand of 1 remaining person.

Fire up your brain and see if you can remember your multiplication tables and more! There are reasons to use math outside of school!

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  5. How much hair do you need in order to survive falling out of a cruising airplane without a parachute? The background story: me and my buddies during undergrad physics studies used to goof around doi I feel like proofs that verify existence of something without giving a concrete example might look like cheating to many.

    I'm not sure I'd call this a math trick, but it's close enough. There's a mathematical operation called 'modular exponentiation'.

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    Unless you've taken a course in Discrete Math or studied cryptogra This is a very well-known problem [in fact, it was on the International Math Olympiad in ! It seems far too easy for a modern IMO problem, even as the first problem in a set].

    Sign In. Quora uses cookies to improve your experience. Read more. Mathematical Puzzles. Pigeonholes and Penrose tiles. Peg solitaire , a loop of string , folded dragon curves , I Ching. Rep-tiles and Borromean rings.


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    Diophantine analyses , geometric fallacies. Dice nontransitivity , special relativity. Originally published at the Wolfram Blog. Vacation Over Time to get back to this. Will try to have at least three items a day for awhile as I plow through the backlog. But that's not true, Neil loves lots of things, like lattices and sphere packings. Tetrapents George Sicherman: I have not found any 5x5 pentapent solutions, but we can use the 7 tetrapents to make two congruent pents, providing that we use one of the tetrapents in both figures. This figure is unique, but the tiling on the left is not.

    Pentahex Holes George Sicherman - This weekend Abaroth sent me the attached picture of the 22 pentahexes. It has 33 holes, and is symmetric too. According to Andrew Clarke's Poly Pages, the old record was 30 holes.