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It is a moving testament to human endurance under unimaginable oppression. Added to basket. The Gulag Archipelago.


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Brian Keenan. Into the Whirlwind. Eugenia Ginzburg. Writings From Prison. Bobby Sands. States of Denial. Stanley Cohen. Ukraine Diaries. Ironically, it was a near brush with death that proved to be Bardach's salvation. After surviving an explosion, he was sent to a prison hospital where he managed to talk his way into a job as a medical assistant. There he gained both a new lease on life and a future profession.

Released from his sentence early, in , Bardach went on to become a surgeon. Original Title. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Man Is Wolf to Man , please sign up.

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Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Aug 03, Mariel rated it liked it Recommends it for: smirnoff's ice is Russian for beer. Recommended to Mariel by: siberian tigers versus german shepherds. Homo homini lupus.

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Man is wolf to man. It would have been more appropriate to leave that as the title without the "Surviving the Gulag" part. Janusz Bardach survived, all right. This is a memoir.

Memoirs can be self serving, deluded and one sided and I was still surprised to read one that overwhelmingly was all of those things. Like how Janusz Bardach was shocked to be court martialled when fellow soviet soldier blamed him for their tank sinking despite being ordered to inform on the two fellow Homo homini lupus. Like how Janusz Bardach was shocked to be court martialled when fellow soviet soldier blamed him for their tank sinking despite being ordered to inform on the two fellow poles in his regiment he was shocked the same happened to him.

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He actually told another soldier he wanted to flee! AFTER another soldier told him he was asked to inform on him and to say nothing to anyone! I thought this was going to be an inside look at one man's experience in one of the worst periods of the gulag. It's a memoir! I should have known.


Man will do anything to other men to get ahead. The point is getting ahead of other men, rather than survival, it seems. In the case of this memoir, getting ahead is writing a memoir about how much better you were than those who were more helpless than you were. You can learn a lot by how one sees themselves, though, and by what they gloss over such as witnessing and doing nothing about rapes. It was interesting that Bardach believed that he was superior to others because he was able to pretend he wasn't in prison at all. His siding with the criminals and what read like a version of stockholm's syndrome if it were from the ugly girl in a Mean Girls group justifying putting bleach in the unpopular girl's drink.

But they were nice to me! They can't be all bad. They ran the show and tortured the other inmates. He was lucky enough to count some as friends. It could have as easily gone the other way. Sometimes former guards turned inmates still ran the show, with the help of their still guards buddies.

Janusz Bardach, 83; Plastic Surgeon, Expert on Cleft Lips, Palates - Los Angeles Times

Self interest up the ass did that happen to Janusz? I don't know because he's not the memoirist who would ever admit to it.

However, it was really hard to take so much of that holier than thou shit when what I wanted to know about what motivated the former soldiers who still loudly proclaimed their allegiance to Stalin. Man is wolf stuff of everyone involved, not just Janusz Bardach lies to live with himself it's not all that compelling to read that when it's told so smugly. How did all of those people who did what they were told feel about being in there, anyway they were still playing the game? For what?!!

Man is Wolf to Man is the true title. People stepped on one another to live another day. That was the only reason. Janusz Bardach was no exception, whatever his memoir says about hope springs eternal, it's important to stay happy blah blah blah. The horrors inflicted on man had fuck all to do with who was strong enough to stay happy read: deluded as hell. Janusz, you were not better than the dokhodyaga. You weren't. I wanted to reach into the book and slap his face every fucking time an allusion to superiority to these tragic souls was mentioned.

What is this? A toot your own horn memoir? You had criminal friends the urka to fudge your work load during the short stint you were anywhere near the mines loading the conveyor belt.

Man is Wolf to Man: Surviving the Gulag

That meant you didn't get a smaller and smaller food ration which was hopelessly little as it was. Not close to the required amount for hard labor. Of course they ate rats, corpses and chewed debris and leaves to provide the illusion of eating. Of course they lost hope and their minds! They had to work in the godamned gold mines and starve to death.

You didn't! You had a cushy hospital job because you had friends to go along with your ruse of being a medical student before your arrest.