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In fact there are quite a few. I am all for the right sort of committees being in place at academic institutions for students to bring complaints of abuse -- real or imagined. Hopefully there will be more than simply naive administrative processes put in place to protect the due process rights of the accused and again, hopefully, we can minimize the resort to legal threats that can cut both ways and that too often compromise doing the right thing in such cases.

Some of our academic institutions ARE notorious for covering up faculty abuses in order to protect their reputations and against damage suits by students who have been abused. I know of too many occasions when cover-ups have occurred in such institutions. Cover-ups are not unique to the military or to business organizations. They seem to be a part of contemporary American life in our litigious times. But a flat F for accusing her former feminist colleagues of orchestrating a sexual harassment industry directed against our romantic traditions.

This is not so and it is as much libel to claim it as the defamation that Patai insists has been perpetrated against those who have been wrongly charged with sexual harassment on campus. We feature over in-depth reviews of a wide range of books and DVDs written by our reviewers from many backgrounds and perspectives. We update our front page weekly and add more than twenty new reviews each month.

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William Hay, Writer: Heterophobia: Sexual Harrassment and the Future of Feminism by Daphne Patai

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Daphne Patai

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Heterophobia: Sexual Harassment and the Future of Feminism

KC, what I was referring to is that Weinstein is a darling of the professional Democratic politicians. What does that mean though? Why do I care? These are administrative procedures carried out by ideologues who have no training or understanding of law. The issue is far broader than this. But, on this particular topic, I would agree with you.

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All such relationships, whether the teacher is a supervisor or not, are being banned. And with Ludlow specifically, he was never charged with being involved with anyone over whom he had a supervisory relationship. Thank you for educating me on this topic. Then to top it all off, a woman can write an essay mentioning Ludlow using only facts in the public domain and she is accused of a Title IX violation - this is nuts.

The misguided crusade against campus Greek life - FACTUAL FEMINIST

This is a pathogen for the left that we need to be very careful to be resistant to. It hammers us politically and tramples on individual rights. This faculty member was so outraged by what was happening, he went to the Faculty Senate about it. So they went after him. Then there was another Title IX investigation against Kipnis for supposedly encouraging him to speak out at the Faculty Senate though there was zero evidence to that effect.

Then, yet another against the president of Northwestern for supposedly not pushing the investigations with sufficient alacrity.

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  7. It is sowing utter chaos on campus. And Kipnis is a Feminist. Ultimately, it comes back and the inquisitors start to burn each other at the stake. Unfortunately, this stuff is taking off in the universities in UK, too.

    Sexual Harassment and the Future of Feminism

    You might want to consider the book by Luke Gittos:. Quoting Kipnis:. Please note that when someone like me gets lauded on the right, politics as we know it is officially incomprehensible. That was a bit surreal, but I got over it and started finding my sea legs in the midst of this storm.

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