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It was as if everyone in the audience were holding his or her breath. It was nothing less than everything he knew Solly wanted—no, prayed —it would be! When the last notes had died away, the audience burst into thunderous applause, a standing ovation almost deafening in its intensity! It lasted several minutes, and every time Teddy and Lissa turned to take their seats, it intensified even more, only to bring them reluctantly back to the podium. Graciously, they gestured to the conductor, who bowed deeply, and motioned for the entire orchestra to stand. Nothing, however, seemed to bring silence to the hall until the audience, exhausted, fell back into their seats.

Army, in Washington, DC. There, I boarded a U. Navy tugboat that steamed out to sea, where we came alongside a U. Navy cruiser. In fact, all of the heads of state of the Allied countries were there! For almost two hours the Allied representatives considered proposal after proposal on how to counteract the increasing loss of men and ships.

Eventually he comes to understand and to endure the heartbreak of knowing that the dream never will be realized. As Solly watches, life takes Teddy from gifted violin student to adult engineer and scientist, leaving no time for the career in music Solly so dearly wants his son to pursue.

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Theodore J. Go and see. Check your resources and tell me what you DO have.

They find a boy that has five small loaves of bread and two fish. They know this isn't enough food. Until the disciples are willing to commit what they DO have to the enterprise, Jesus waits. Their contribution and commitment of it must be part of the solution, however tiny and inadequate. Then, Jesus took the five loaves and the two fish and looking up to heaven; he gave thanks and broke them.

Breaking, carrying, distributing, and then back to Jesus for more food. The disciples are very tired by now, but Jesus gives them one further task -- to pick up the broken pieces of bread that are scattered over the hillside. When their task is completed they come back with twelve baskets full. Why does Jesus have the tired disciples do this?

It is to make the point that God's provision that day has not been merely adequate, but more than enough to meet the need. Each disciple can feel the weight of his basket of bread as they bring it back to Jesus and recognize the abundance of that day. Like Gideon, the disciples learned to trust God step by step. If the angel had told Gideon that he would defeat the , person army of the Midianites with just men, Gideon would have had an impossible time believing this was possible. God led him step by step.

Paring down the army in such a way that Gideon knew God was in control. The purpose for having such a small army was that God wanted Israel to know that it was God, and not Gideon and his men, who defeated the enemy Judges So, Gideon and his soldiers smashed their jars and blew their trumpets and the Midianites fell into confusion, killing each other and running headlong to their deaths. The feeding of the thousands was for the disciples and our benefit. Jesus could have created bread at the snap of his finger -- poof.

He didn't need the disciples' pitiful five loaves and two fish. But they -- and we -- needed to learn a very simple lesson concerning the principles of our faith. Our resources are inadequate to meet the need.

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We are to take inventory and bring what resources we have to Jesus. He in turn blesses them and places them back in our hands, multiplied. This is a faith process, a faith experience. Too often we are overwhelmed with the vastness of the need and give up. Or we belittle our resources to the point that we never release them to God, but selfishly hang on to them because that is all we know and all we have. Or we insist that God perform the task alone, without us participating in the process even in a tiny way.

Theodore Jerome Cohen

But Jesus teaches that we must release our resources to God in trust. Their smallness in our eyes must not be an obstacle. If we could learn this vital lesson, we could accomplish wonders. It is the lesson of Gideon seeing his small and inadequate army whittled down to a pitiful men, but they accomplish a great victory. It is the lesson that you and I face more often than we would like to admit. Jesus asks the disciples a small question -- but a vital one for us: "How many loaves do you have?

It is an essential lesson. If we learn to trust in God, then we will experience the joy of being basket-bearers of Jesus-empowered food to the multitudes.

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Suddenly, they heard what sounded like a violent, rushing wind from heaven. The noise filled the entire house in which they were sitting. Something appeared to them that seemed like tongues of fire.

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They separated, and came to rest on the head of each one. They were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other languages as the Spirit enabled them. Now there were devout people living in Jerusalem from every nation under heaven. At this sound, they all gathered. They were bewildered to hear their native languages being spoken.

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How is it that each of us hears these words in our native tongue? We are all Judeans, or converts to Judaism, Cretans and Arabs, too. Yet we hear them preaching, each in our own language, about the marvels of God! Your sons and your daughters will prophesy. Your young ones will see visions; the older among you will dream dreams.

Upon all my servants, both men and women, people of all genders, I will pour out My Spirit in those days. They will prophesy.

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Then, everyone who calls on the Name of God will be healed together as one. The Word of an Early Church Historian. We ourselves, who have the first-fruits of the Spirit, even we groan inwardly while we wait to be birthed into wholeness and for the transformation of our bodies.