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I prefer this one. I can definately say this book was well worth my money The best thing about this book is the step by step lab excercises in the book Why 4 stars and not 5? In my opinion, it doesn't delve very deep under the hood of MFC the book from Wrox does a good job of this , and knowing how things work on the insides, is always preferable to knowing that 'it just works', especially when it comes to a code library as large as MFC.

One minor hardly noticeable to most folks flaw is that most of the code seems to be written with support for a UNICODE build in mind using TCHARs etc, but the code won't compile under unicode due to minor inconsistencies here and there, but nothing major really.

Fear not, for all of the sample code can be downloaded from the Wrox website. MCSD for Microsoft. NET certification is for lead developers who use Microsoft technologies to design and develop leading-edge enterprise solutions using the Microsoft. NET Framework.


NET and either Visual C. NET or Visual Basic. NET for Windows and Web applications.

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To gain a full MCSE you need to pass 4 core exams, 1 core elective and 2 further electives. This is something well see in the next chapter, when we install Visual SourceSafe.

ISBN 13: 9780735607958

Regardless of the type of installation that you choose, the next screen will ask you to specify where files used by multiple programs in Visual Studio should be stored. A default path is entered in the field on this screen, but you can change the path to the common folder youd like to use by typing in a new path or clicking the Browse button.

When you click the Browse button, a dialog box will appear that allows you to browse your local hard drives and the network. This enables you to specify an existing folder in which you store common files. After selecting a folder and clicking OK on this dialog, the new path will appear in the previously mentioned field. Regardless of how or where you want to store these files, you should be aware that Visual Studio requires a minimum of 50MB for the common folder.

You should ensure that any local hard disk or network drive that you designate as the common folder meets this requirement. Although each workstation will have more free disk space if you use a common folder on a server, this shouldnt be done if network failures are common in your organization. If you select Product as your installation type, the next screen youll see is the one shown in Figure This lists each of the workstation products discussed earlier in this chapter, which you can install by selecting the check box beside the products name.

If a check box is selected, the product beside it will be installed. Otherwise, it wont be installed at this time, and if you wish to install additional products later, youll have to re-run the setup wizard. After selecting the products you wish to install, click the Next button to continue with the installation process. Figure Select the products that you wish to install from the Visual Studio Individual Tools Setup screen Whether youve chosen Products or Custom as your installation type, the screens that follow from this point on are the same.

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The only difference is the order in which they appear. When you select Custom as your installation type, clicking Next brings you to a Welcome screen for installing Visual Studio. If you choose Products, then this screen appears after clicking Next from the Individual Tools Setup screen discussed in the previous paragraph. The next screen is provides you with a product ID number.

This number is made up of digits added by the setup wizard to the product registration number CD Key that you entered earlier in the installation process. Its important that you write this number down, and keep it in a safe place, as it may be requested by Microsoft if you call their technical support team for assistance. Once youve documented the product ID number, click the OK button to continue. When you first see the Custom screen after choosing the Products installation type, you may think that youve done something wrong.

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This screenshown in Figure is the same one that appears when choosing the Custom installation type. However, there is a difference in whats selected on this screen, depending on the type of installation youve chosen. When the Custom installation type is selected, most of the options shown in the listing at the left of this screen are selected. You can then cancel the selected products and tools by clicking a check box, and removing the check mark.

If there is no check mark, the product or tool to the right of the check box wont install. If you reach this screen by choosing the Products installation type, then only the options for the individual tools youve selected will be selected. These are preconfigured to be selected, as they all relate to that specific product. Figure You can install all or part of a component using the Custom installation On the Job: It can be confusing when the Custom screen appears after selecting the Products installation type, which sets you on the track of doing preconfigured installations of products.

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Remember that the Products installation type sets up the necessary options on the Custom screen, and in this way is different from the Custom installation type. To the right of the Options listing, youll see two buttons. The first of these is the Change Option button. When an option is selected as shown by the highlight in the Options listing , the Change Option button becomes enabled.

This lets you know that there are options within this particular option that you can add or remove. Clicking Change Option opens that particular option, allowing you to view these other options. You can almost think of it as opening a folder on your hard disk to view the files within. The second button is Select All. When this is clicked, each of the options shown in the Options listing will be selected i.

This is useful if there are a number of items you want to install, but dont want to click each check box individually. In other words, its a bit of a time saver for you. Below these buttons and the Options listing, youll see the default folder where a particular option will be installed. You can change where each product will be installed by clicking the Change Folder button, which displays a dialog box.

This dialog box allows you to type the path to another folder on your local or network drive. You can also browse your computer or network for an existing folder. If you type the path of a folder that doesnt exist, and click OK on the dialog box, the wizard will prompt you that the folder doesnt exist and ask if it should be created.

The Change Folder button is often used in conjunction with the information thats displayed below it on the Custom screen. There are two lines below this button that show the space available on a particular drive, and how much is required. If the amount required exceeds the amount available, you should specify a new folder on a drive with adequate space.

If you dont do this, when you click Next, the wizard will check to ensure enough space is available to install, and display a screen indicating which drives dont have enough free space. This screen will allow you to return to the Custom screen, and then pick a new folder and different drive to install to. After using the Custom screen to select or accept options to install, clicking the Continue button will cause the setup wizard to check available space and determine any components that are already installed. For example, if it finds a previous or current version of Visual SourceSafe on your computer, it will prompt you to decide whether the new installation of Visual SourceSafe should replace it.

When this is finished, youll be prompted to restart your computer.

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After the computer has restarted and reloaded Windows, a screen will automatically appear and offer you the chance to install the MSDN. Cha Library. A welcome screen will appear for installing MSDN on your hard disk. Clicking Continue will show the screen we saw earlier, which displayed the product ID.

Although it appears to be identical, this is a different product ID number. For reasons discussed earlier, you should write this number down before clicking OK to continue. A dialog box will appear with two buttons used to show your agreement to using the MSDN library. This will bring you to the screen shown in Figure , where you select the type of installation preferred for MSDN. There are three different types of installation, which are:.

In most cases, Typical installation is what youd choose.

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  5. This installation takes up a maximum of 60MB of hard disk space, as opposed to the MB used by Full installation. As you choose only the components that you want installed with Custom, the amount of disk space required depends on the components youve decided to install. If you have significant disk space available, it may be worthwhile to perform a full install of MSDN.