Manual Day Trips and Weekend Getaways from Bangalore

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Abundant greens, diverse topology and a boundless range of wildlife makes it a great place to visit this place called as Dandeli.

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The Kali River streams by making up for an incredible spot for water adventures and different activities. The assortment of wildlife is absolutely stunning. The base time a bus takes to reach Dandeli from Bangalore is 11 Hours. It is a marvelous road journey from Bangalore to Dandeli. On the off chance that you adore the white water and need to be high on adventure, then kayaking on the Kali stream can offer some spectacular adventure.

17 One Day Trips From Bangalore

Lying underneath the huge ruins, Hampi says a lot about the riches and wealth of its past years. Standing as a brilliant illustration of old design, Hampi is certainly among the best places for a 2 days trip from Bangalore.

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The Queen of Hill Stations and a standout amongst the most prevalent vacationer spots in India, Ooty is a pleasant land. Among the different activities within reach, you can visit the Botanical Gardens, the Deer Park as well as the wax historical museum. Ooty is among the best places close to Bangalore for a 2 days trip. The best part about a road trip to Ooty is that you drive through the store woods territory and staggering landscape.

On the off chance that you wish to drive from Bangalore to Ooty, there are 2 courses you can take: Via Mysore or through Chamarajanagar. Angling and horse riding are some of a portion of the well known activities that you ought to try. Frequently alluded to as Pondy, this previous French province is calm and clean with a brilliant blend of Tamil and French societies.

With a wide range of activities to attempt in Pondy, you can visit the Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville for a meditative atmosphere or go out for a stroll along the rough shores of the shoreline. The trip is absolutely grand with breathtaking views.

Best Weekend Getaways From Bangalore

The port city of Mangalore offers abundant activities to a weekend getaway. You can spend time unwinding on the different beaches, swimming and viewing the tremendous sunsets or go for trekking. There are numerous modes of travelling out from Bangalore to Mangalore. Be that as it may, the road trip is absolutely a wonderful journey.

It is also amongst the largest monolith hills in Asia. Located at about 60 kms from the city, the hills are composed of two hills, popularly known as the white hill Biligudda and the black hill Karigudda. You could start with the temples and then go trekking or, take to other adventurous activities. The Manchanebele dam is an ideal destination for water sports and other similar activities.

A trek up the hills is sure to get you a scenic view of the Akravati river. The waterfalls are located at a distance of kms from Bangalore and are ideal trekking destinations for a weekend trip.


The formation of these waterfalls is a result of the check dam across Kaveri river. The falls are a popular weekend getaway for the localities as well as for the tourists. Anthargange done, off to Makalidurga the coming week. If you are someone who is fond of exploring, then Anthargange is a beautiful place to be. Not all trips from Bangalore include that of scenic beauties and waterfalls after all.

Yet another popular trekking destination where you could indulge in adventurous activities like rock climbing , courtesy the boulders that make it ideal for practice. A day-outing to Anthargange is an hour drive from the city. Situated about 67 kms from Bangalore via the NH4 which heads towards Kolar. Talk about a weekend getaway , and all you look for is a beautiful sight to sit by. A day trip to Shivagange can get you a mix of both just about right; scenery and adventure. Shivagange is a hillock and is famous as both, a pilgrimage spot as well as for trekking.

The name comes from the temple here which is that of Shiva, while Gange is the name of a spring nearby. An ideal place for one day trips from Bangalore, the trekking trail is about 3 kms. The view from the top is a sight to behold. It is 60 kms from the city and an hour and a half long drive will get you there. Shivagange is also known as Dakshina Kashi owing to the sanctuaries it sports.

More suitable for a weekend trip, the BR Hills, also called Biligiriranga Hills are kms away from the city. Since they are situated between the Eastern and Western Ghats, the flora and fauna are as vivid as it gets. Not only do the BR hills have a picturesque surrounding, but also offer spiritual invigoration. The name Biligiriranga is derived from its white rock surface.

They form a major part of the hill along with the Lord Rangaswamy temple at the top. A tribe that resides in the hills, namely Soliga tribe hold their annual Ratha festival in April and it is a visual treat. If you are fond of wildlife and want to know more about sanctuaries in India, check us out!

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