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Concerto Great Pianists Trans4mation Guitar4mation. From the Romantic Era Romantic Moments. The Incomparable Artistry of Angel Romero.

Pianist Cong Bi plays SCHUMANN Davidsbündlertänze, Op. 6

Orchestral Heifetz, Jascha: Miniatures, Vol. Maskuniitty, Royal Stockholm Philharmonic, Oramo. The German Romantic Horn. Colours of the French Horn. Instrumental My First Lullaby Album. Instrumental My First Piano Album. The Art of Fugue Kovacic. Gulda, Vienna Symphony, Keilberth. Klemperer Organ Encores. Inaugural Recital. Ocean Grove. Giresta Wager. Anda plays Solo Recitals Recitals , , Listen to the Universe. Evening Conversations. The Abbotsholme Recital Live from Prague. Instrumental Piano Recital: Kotaro Fukuma. Inward Voice. Heart Shadow. Piano Phantoms. If I Were a Bird. Piano Solo con sordino.

The Virtuoso Paperno. Erdmann, Cologne Radio Symphony, Rosbaud. Rose, Keller. Jarvi NTSC. Romanzen Schellenberger, Koenen. Schumann Duo d'Accord. Gruber, Sekino. Martinon, Giulini Gottfried, Wagner-Trenkwitz. Price, Lockhart. Berry, Werba, Schilhawsky.

Jarvi Blu-ray, HD. Sanderling NTSC. Tetzlaff, Vogt. Laubes Jagdbrevier Arman.

Petersen Quartet. Instrumental Ten Years Of Success. Permit Me Voyage. Violin Lullabies. The Circle of Robert Schumann.

Songs to Texts by Emanuel Geibel. Taylor, Volle. Kummer, Kerbl. Stille und Nacht. Die Salzburger Liederabende Lieder Goethe - Lieder Collected Recordings, Peter Anders singt Arien und Lieder Love Songs. Songs to Texts by Hebbel. Aufbruch - Songs to Poems by Hesse and Goethe. Thoughts Observed. Arias and Songs Eichendorff Lieder. Romantic Ballads. Goethe und Gitarre. Wild Rose. German Ballads. Weihnachtslieder, Christmas Songs. Role: Lyricist. Role: Arranger. Composition Title. Disc Title. Naxos Records.

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You may disable the use of cookies if you do not wish to accept them, however, this may limit the website's overall functionality. Welcome to Naxos Records. Orchestral Music Symphonies Schumann completed four symphonies, after earlier unsuccessful attempts at the form. Chamber Music Schumann wrote three string quartets in , a fertile period that also saw the composition of a piano quintet and a piano quartet. Piano Music The piano music of Schumann, whether written for himself, for his wife, or, in later years, for his children, offers a wealth of material.

Classical Composer Lyricist Arranger. Imagined Bailey, Ying Quartet. Live and Studio Recordings.

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Arrangements for 2 Pianos. Instrumental Discover Music of the Romantic Era. Chamber Music Dorian Sampler, Vol. Instrumental Dorian Sampler, Vol. Buch der Lieder Gesamtaufnahme. The German Romantic Horn. Instrumental My First Lullaby Album. Instrumental My First Piano Album. Was already contributing mus. In writings and comps. Florestan for his impetuous self and Eusebius for his contemplative side. Married Clara Wieck after long opposition from her father, this being followed by outpouring of songs and song-cycles. In concentrated on syms. Toured Russia with Clara, On return had severe attack of depression.

Moved to Dresden in search of quiet, living there until In Clara gave f. The next year his mental health failed and he threw himself into Rhine, but was saved and taken to private asylum where he lived another 2 years. Schumann was one of the greatest composers for pf.

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His vocal and chamber mus. French Edition. Search Recent Posts.