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Scroll to Software. Under Cisco IOS Modem code is bundled with the Cisco IOS software image to eliminate the need to store separate modem code. When the access server starts, the Cisco IOS software unpacks the modem code and loads the proper code on the modem cards. Table 3 lists bundled modem code versions. C The show modem mapping command lists all versions of modem code running on the modem modules, residing in system Flash memory, and bundled with Cisco IOS software.

Enter the show modem mapping command to determine if you need to update your modem code files.

Implementing Software Quality Assurance Best Practices

Note The Cisco factory could have installed a later version of modem code than the one bundled with the Cisco IOS software. The factory installs modem code in Flash memory and maps that code to the modems. Each feature set contains a specific set of Cisco IOS features. Feature Set Tables Note This feature set table contains only a selected list of features.

This table is not a cumulative or complete list of all the features in each image. Note that country support varies with the portware release level, and the release notes provide a list of countries. This is useful when you need to sort though large amounts of output or if you want to exclude output that you do not need to see. With the search function, you can begin unfiltered output at the first line that contains a regular expression you specify. You can specify a maximum of one filter per command to either include or exclude output lines that contain the specified regular expression. A regular expression is any word, phrase, number, or other type of information that appears in show or more command output.

It controls all aspects of ISDN interfaces. RFC provides information on the physical Basic Rate Interfaces BRIs , control and statistical information for B bearer and D signaling channels, terminal endpoints, and directory numbers. You can integrate management of dial access products using ISDN with your existing network management systems. Time-Based Access Lists It is now possible to implement access lists based on the time of day. To do so, create a time range that defines specific times of the day and week. The time range is identified by a name, and then referenced by a function, so that those time restrictions are imposed on the function itself.

The time range allows the network administrator to define when the permit or deny statements in the access list are in effect. Prior to this feature, access list statements were continuously in effect after they had been applied. Both named or numbered access lists can reference a time range.

Unless otherwise noted, these caveats apply to all Caveats When there is a routing topology change, the fast-switching code continues to look at the stale cache entry, and as a result, packets destined via the new route end up getting black-holed. The work-around is to disable DECnet fast-switching on the relevant interface. This helps performance and also unnecessary entries in netflow tables. A workaround is to disable the fastswitching on the ATM-lite interface.


The external LSA may have the routing bit set, even if it is not installed in the routing table. The following sequence of events illustrates the problem, given external and summary routes to network 1.

Adaptive QoS over DMVPN

The external LSA for 1. The routing bit is not reset on the external LSA for 1. The external route to 1. To add to the confusion, the routing bit is still set on the external LSA for 1. Open Caveats — Release In order to support DTE devices with modem control, it is required to use the DTE style cables with a null modem adapter. The first character of each frame generates a parity error that causes the receiver to discard the frame after the first character received.

The problem occurs when a CEF entry is improperly pointing at a Tag data structure. To check whether this is the problem, do show adjacency detail for the next hop on the failing route. So far, this problem only happened on the Cisco platform and there is no work around. Please upgrade to the next build. Resolved Caveats — Release In Release Use an external device to router or bridge between the two different VLANs. Or modify the end devices so that they do not send packets larger than bytes.

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This condition is caused by the IP route-cache that is enabled by default on all interfaces. The workaround is to turn off fast switching with the no ip route-cache command on the ISDN interfaces. From enclosure: Release-note-2 This crash has also been seen on the platform. This could result in releasing multipoint vc. The situation might also occur if the concentrator relay function CRF , to which the client is connected, is configured for source-route bridging SRB. There is no workaround.

These electronic documents might contain updates and modifications made after the paper documents were printed. As updates, the feature modules are only available online. The feature module information will be added to the Cisco IOS documentation set before the next printing of the documentation set.

Feature modules include a brief overview of the feature, benefits, configuration tasks, and command reference details.


Table 5 lists the Cisco IOS software documentation set that contains Cisco IOS configuration guides, command references, and several supporting documents. The document set is available in electronic form, and is also available in printed form if you special order it. These electronic documents contain updates and modifications made after the paper documents were printed. Documentation Modules Each module in the Cisco IOS documentation set consists of two books: a configuration guide and a corresponding command reference.

Chapters in a configuration guide describe protocols, configuration tasks, and Cisco IOS software functionality and contain comprehensive configuration examples. Chapters in a command reference provide complete command syntax information. The global RIB is not updated. Classifying Network Traffic Last Updated: December 8, Classifying network traffic allows you to organize traffic that is, packets into traffic classes or categories on the basis of whether the traffic. In intra-vpn NAT, both the local and global.

If the entry is already available, the port listed in the Symmetric Port Database is.

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The feature allows sharing an IPsec security association database SADB between two or more generic routing encapsulation GRE tunnel interfaces when tunnel protection is used. Shared tunnel interfaces. Finding Feature. The feature introduces the cost extended community attribute. The cost community is a non-transitive extended community attribute that is passed to internal BGP ibgp and confederation peers but not to. This feature module describes the feature. This feature enables the BGP speaking router to select multiple ibgp paths as the best paths to a destination.

The best paths or multipaths are then installed. Such a limit could. The feature enables Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol EIGRP to interoperate with other protocols to leverage additional routing functionality by filtering inbound and outbound traffic based. The feature improves flexibility in assigning IP addresses dynamically. This feature allows you to configure overlapping IP address pool groups to create different address spaces and concurrently use the.

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The DHCP server provides address assignment support. The enhanced. Marking network traffic allows you to set or modify the attributes for traffic that is, packets belonging to a specific class or category. When used in conjunction with network traffic classification,. The feature allows you to reserve memory for critical notifications and to configure a router to issue notifications when available memory falls below a specified threshold.

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Finding Feature Information,. Finding Feature Information, page 1 Prerequisites for,. Using NetFlow Sampling to Select the Network Traffic to Track This module contains information about and instructions for selecting the network traffic to track through the use of NetFlow sampling.

This module describes how to configure and schedule an IP Service Level Agreements SLAs multicast UDP jitter operation for measuring and reporting statistics such as one way latency, jitter, and packet. Multilink PPP is a method used to reduce latency and jitter for real-time traffic.

The feature enables you to configure a NAT routemap configuration that allows IP sessions to be initiated from outside the network to inside the network. This module explains how to configure the feature. Using NetFlow Sampling to Select the Network Traffic to Track Last Updated: September 17, This module contains information about and instructions for selecting the network traffic to track through.

Configuring IP Multicast over Unidirectional Links IP multicast requires bidirectional communication, yet some networks include broadcast satellite links, which are unidirectional. Unidirectional link.

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The feature introduces the continue clause to BGP route-map configuration. The continue clause allows for more programmable policy configuration and route filtering and introduces the capability to execute. Log in Registration. Search for.