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Theory of Causation

About this book This book lies at the intersection of philosophy of mind and philosophy of religion and operates on the assumption that dialogue between the two disciplines can be fruitful. Show all. Occasionalism Pages Lim, Daniel.

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    Causation and responsibility : four aspects of their relation. Author Tarnovanu, Horia. Supervisor Cruft, Rowan. Brown, Jessica Jessica Anne.

    Keywords Causation. Metadata Show full item record. Abstract The concept of causation is essential to ascribing moral and legal responsibility since the only way an agent can make a difference in the world is through her acts causing things to happen.

    A Taxonomy of Philosophy

    Yet the extent and manner in which the complex features of causation bear on responsibility ascriptions remain unclear. I present an analysis of four aspects of causation which yields new insights into different properties of responsibility and offers increased plausibility to certain moral views. Chapter I examines the realist assumption that causation is an objective and mind-independent relation between space-time located relata — a postulate meant to provide moral assessment with a naturalistic basis and make moral properties continuous with a scientific view of the world.

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    I argue that such a realist stance is problematic, and by extension so are the views seeking to tie responsibility attributions to an objective relation. Chapter II combines the context sensitivity of causal claims with the plausible idea that responsibility ascriptions rest on the assessment of causal sequences relating agents and consequences.