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The stakes are high and the price of escape is even higher: someone is going to die. Cover art by Henry Scarpelli. Photo cover. Art by Ron Wagner and Fred Fredericks. Through Alfie's extraordinary powers, he and John Doe both experience a memory from their childhood in the orphanage.

Meanwhile, John will learn that a woman scorned is a dangerous adversary.

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The riveting Heavy Hitter concludes. After discovering that Grant is a government agent and that beautiful Kaoru is an assassin, Zak is sorry he left the Lunar Academy. And, believing that he is under the control of Jutan, the high priest, Zak wrenches himself free by Featuring in-depth profiles on more than 30 of the Hulk's friends and foes?

The chronicle of the Marvel Universe returns as the All-New Official Index to the Marvel Universe delves into the history of three more of Marvel's most enduring titles! Watch the Marvel universe's history unfold month by month as each issue provides synopses for dozens of individual comics, including back-up strips, introducing the characters, teams, places and equipment that appeared within, providing vital information about first appearances, where they last showed up and where they appeared next!

Written by Doug Miers.

Art by John Bosco. Cover by Ron Adrian. Volume 3 - 1st printing. This new issue of Kevin Huizenga's quarterly comic book series presents four self-contained stories; an ideal introduction for anyone who may have missed his earlier work. Huizenga continues to explore fascinating themes and widely divergent subject matter with an illustrated excerpt from Franz Kafka's diary, along with a mini-biography on noted early Mickey Mouse newspaper strip artist, Floyd Gottfredson.

He then shifts gears yet again with an autobiographical story about his refusal to take part in an ad campaign for "Fashionably Zen. Cover by Gene Day.


Edited by Matt Rust and James Waley. Stories by James Waley, T. This Canadian comics anthology was an early example of ground-level rather than underground comics. Mature readers. Volume 33 - 1st printing. This book provides detailed information about how US Army units were organised and operated in America's longest war. Vietnam Special Forces veteran Gordon L Rottman examines the different types of infantry battalions and the units that supported them, their training and organisation down to platoon level. Aspects of the US Army's conventional and unconventional warfare doctrine are also addressed, along with a discussion of how replacements were trained and integrated into units.

Among other areas of the US Army's involvement covered are individual and crew-served weapons, artillery, armoured fighting vehicles, transport, logistics, the complex chain of command, and combat operations. Volume 41 - 1st printing. Art by Jim Laurier. Bell's AH-1 Cobra was the first dedicated helicopter gunship to reach frontline service anywhere in the world. Developed as a private venture by the manufacturer, and based on the mechanics of the ubiquitous UH-1 Huey, the Cobra proved a huge success once introduced into combat with the US Army in Built as a key weapon in the Advanced Aerial Fire Support System concept of , the AH-1 was one of the few aircraft to reach the combat zone after actual combat experience went into its design.

The AH-1 helped reduce the losses being suffered by vulnerable troop transport helicopters by providing effective fire suppression during airmobile operations. This book explores its history, technology and crew. Volume 57 - 1st printing. After the attacks on 11 September , Apache units made significant contributions to the Coalition campaign against Taliban and al-Qaeda forces in Afghanistan. Functioning as the 'killer' part of US Army Hunter-killer teams, Apaches sought out and brought overwhelming firepower to bear on Taliban and al-Qaeda forces, as well as providing direct support to Coalition troops on the ground.

Apaches spearheaded the advance of the 3rd Infantry and the st airborne divisions into Iraq, engaging in some of the heaviest fighting along the western axis of advance. Weather and enemy fire took a heavy toll on Apaches operating in Western Iraq, but the resilience and flexibility of the Apache was central to the success of this campaign. Volume 38 - 1st printing. The Vietnam War was arguably the most important event, or series of events, of the American Century. America entered the brutal conflict certain of its Cold War doctrines and certain of its moral mission to save the world from the advance of communism.

As this book explains, however, the war was not at all what the United States expected. Outnumbered and outgunned the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong forces resorted to a guerrilla war based on the theories of Mao Zedong of China. This was war reduced to its most basic level - find the enemy and kill him. Volume 49 - 1st printing.

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They already opposed Nasser and were worried at the threat to maritime traffic in the Canal. This book traces the course of subsequent events. Israel attacked Sinai, and Britain and France launched offensives throughout Egypt, but strategic failures overshasdowed tactical success. Finally, Britain, France and Israel bowed to international pressure and withdrew, leaving the Suez Canal, and Egypt, firmly in the hands of President Nasser.

Volume 87 - 1st printing. Art by Mike Badrocke. Bell's Model design won a competition in , and was given the military designation H, later renamed the HU-1 Iroquois. The original design called for a helicopter that could be used for transport, airborne battlefield command and control, medical evacuation, fire support co-ordination and search and rescue.

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This title details all the technological background behind the development and use of the Huey "Slick" in Vietnam, as well as covering all the major uses that this transport aircraft was put to. Volume - 1st printing. The most expensive rotary-winged aircraft ever built when it was introduced in the early s, it has since proved its worth on battlefields all over the world, seeing action in the Gulf War, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo and the recent conflict in Iraq. This book examines the design, development and deployment of a quick-reacting, airborne weapons system that can fight close and deep to destroy, disrupt, or delay enemy forces.

Art by Ian Palmer. It has become one of the most versatile and successful utility helicopters currently in service and has been used widely, from the invasion of Grenada to the ongoing operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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An attack helicopter configured with missiles, rockets, machine guns and cannon, the Black Hawk is also capable of undertaking a wide range of missions on the battlefield, including troop transport, command and control and aeromedical evacuation. Although the Black Hawk is most recently associated with the disaster in Mogadishu, this book looks past Hollywood interpretations to investigate the design, development and operations of what is arguably the most important helicopter in the world today, with fantastic full-colour digital artwork and up-to-date information about the Black Hawk's role in Iraq.

Also examined are the more unconventional missions the Black Hawk has been used in, from drug-busting operations in South America to peacekeeping operations around the world. The Bell Huey Cobra was the very first purpose-designed helicopter gunship to become operational and to see combat. Designed in the mids as an interim solution for an armed escort and close-support weapon to support the US Army in the Vietnam War, it is still being manufactured and improved in the 21st century, making it a success far beyond the wildest dreams of its creators.

In this book Chris Bishop discusses the origins of the Huey Cobra, the innovations to its design throughout the years and its major combat uses in numerous theatres, including Vietnam, the Iran-Iraq War in the s, US Persian Gulf escort operations, Lebanon , Panama , the Gulf War and in the current conflict in Iraq. Written by Jason Aaron.

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Art and cover by Cameron Stewart. The height of the Vietnam War. Two young men from opposite ends of the earth must drag themselves through Hell for the opportunity to kill one another. Along the way, Private Everette encounters demonically vicious Parris Island drill instructors, talking maggots, voiceless ghosts, jaded grunts, man-eating pigs, maniacal rats, leeches that quote William Blake, a rifle that begs him to shoot himself and occasionally even the enemy.

Vo Dai must undertake the long march south down the Strategic Trail, through black forests and bloody swamps, over pockmarked earth and fields of fire, past tigers and dragons and mounds of the dead, past exhaustion, beyond endurance. At turns, wholly fantastic yet always heartbreakingly realistic. A surreal exploration of the Vietnam war from opposing viewpoints. A horror story about the horrors of war.