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No more throwing items at your team members to get them to relinquish borrowed items! Its pleasing to see that Workset Visibility can now be managed by view templates! Another minor improvement is the introduction of a Starting View. We at HOK along with many other firms, choose to have a starting view. This view in our case is a drafting view which indicates project details and is the neutral view we encourage all our users to save in.

This ensures that everybody gets the same view when they create a new local copy and experience has shown that this view opens quicker than having to wait for a large 3d view to appear on the screen.

Therefore, the new Starting View command allows you to specify which view appears by default when you open the file. Another minor tweak is the ability to change the Workset parameter without first needing to borrow an element. This really has been a long standing request, because once Worksetted, officially you were unable to disable Worksets. Technically this is not true, as this functionality has been lurking around in the background for some time, but it has never been exposed to the user. Whilst it will be a very useful feature, without careful and proper management it could spell disaster if it gets into the hands of the Revit novice!

Therefore, this feature has been hidden out of the way and has been integrated into the detach from central workflow.

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When detaching from central you can detach and preserve Worksets or you can detach and discard Worksets which in effect turns it back into a standalone file. But it has been a long standing request by many to improve the output that Revit provides. Now this creates a tricky challenge as you are trying to convert the output from one technology suitable for use in another technology. So in this occasion the best quality dwg export is the order of the day.

As more firms become Revit enabled this will be less of an issue. Revit sees improvements across the board; the export user interface has been updated, pre-sets can be saved once you have configured the output to your requirements. The export settings can be transferred between projects, using the Transfer Project Standards command. Revit is now able to export style based dimensions; this will ensure that the dimension text is controlled by the text style and the tick mark is controlled by the arrow heads properties; no more proxy graphics to represent dimensions in the DWG export. Lines, Patterns, Text and Fonts, Colours, Geometry type, Units can also be customized to a far more granular level of detail.

In the case of Lines types you can map Revit to use a. LIN file and Hatch Patterns you can map to a use a. PAT file. All this should help to improve the clarity of DWG exports from Revit.

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General Platform Improvements Revit release also sees a number of improvements to the user experience. You will find that the highlight and selection colours have been updated. Another obvious improvement is the New Grip Graphic; these now appear visually better on the screen. The temporary Dimensions graphics have been tweaked and these are now blue rather than black. These are just minor tweaks, but they do improve the interaction experience and it genuinely improves the fit and finish of the product.

The Graphic Display Options Dialog box has also gone through a major overhaul. You are now able to create a View Template directly from this reconfigured Dialog. After user feedback from Revit , there are now a number of additional visual styles such as: Realistic with Edges mode with Realistic views.

Ambient Occlusion for Hidden Line mode. Ambient Occlusion along with Shadows for Consistent Colours mode. Another sneaky little gem is the ability to print Ambient Occlusion! You will also find the introduction of Ghost Surfaces. This is particularly useful and will provide the user with additional control over complex 3D visualisations. The Ghost Surface feature can be applied to whole view, by category, by element or as a filter.

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Below you can see the image has had the Ghost Surfaces applied. One of the foremost benefits of working in Revit and 3d is the ability to generate assembly 3d views and 3d details. I have said it many times, but give somebody a 3d isometric of an assembly and they will have a better understanding of how the components go together.

The guys over at Lego have been doing this for years!!! So Revit now includes a new 3d view lock feature which allows you to lock to an orientation of a 3d and then tag elements within the view. The user has 3 possible options available; save orientation and lock the view, restore orientation and lock the view, unlock the view. This is control via the View Control Bar. Whilst I am on the subject of 3d, final Revit sees 3dconnexion device support.

You will need to install the current drivers for you 3dspace mouse, but when you do an appropriate 3dspace mouse icon will appear on the Navigation Bar.

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When Autodesk switched to the Ribbon, one rather nice feature in was the ability to have Type Selector positioned in the Ribbon. Revit stole us of this feature and the Type Selector migrated its way to the Properties Palette. But I am glade to say the Type Selector in the Ribbon is back. Schedule and legends views can now be created directly from the project browser. Other user experience tweaks include the ability to export Family Types from a Project to a TXT file, import types into a family from TXT file, save all families from a project or a family, customizable equality text, a number of improvements to Dimension Leaders and a new Round Function for Formulas.

As with every release of Revit, Autodesk strive to improve the product performance. Purge Unused now includes unused Imported Categories and Object Styles, loading elements into memory now has multi-threading support. Also Multi-threading has also been extended to the calculation of silhouette edge graphics as well as graphical representation of model elements in open views, when changing view properties of a view. The solid-solid cut tool can now be used on family instances.

The creation of surface sub-regions on non-planar surfaces in the Conceptual Environment, which first appeared as part of the subscription drop, has been enhanced further. It is accessible via the Split Face tool in the Geometry panel. This allows you to draw on the surface of non-planar surface and apply different materials to the sub-region using the Paint tool. An essential feature when apply materials to masses for energy analysis exercises.

A long standing request from the Revit community is to allow families to cut other families. So now allows face-based void families to be hosted on and cut Structural Framing, Columns, Structural Foundations or Generic model families within the Project. This starts to resolve a number of use cases such as holes in beams or the ability to automatically cut an opening in a worktop when placing a sink.

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A number of contractors have made a serious investment in Revit and are utilising the tool in their workflow. If anybody has seen what Tocci Construction are doing with Revit, you will know exactly what I mean. Therefore, to start to move into this arena and to address the complexities and finesse of Construction Modelling, Revit introduces the ability to Create Parts and Divide the model.

These features are purely focused at construction engineer who needs to split the model into smaller component parts. Parts are produced by breaking down the compound components which make up walls, roofs, ceilings and floors. When you select a wall for instance and choose to create parts, the wall will break down into its individual component layers. The individual parts do retain the geometric relationship with its original element. However, Parts do have their own properties, so they can be scheduled and can be modified independently.

By enabling the grip handle functionality available from the properties palette you can pull the various layers around.

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Once Parts are made, you can then use the Divide Parts Command to divide the compound Part further by using sketch lines on the active workplace. Assembly and Assembly views have been introduced to resolve certain pre-cast construction workflows. To generate an assembly, you select the elements you want to group as part of your assembly, and then choose the Create Assembly Command.

Once you have created the assembly and named it, it will appear under assemblies in the project browser. You can then generate views from the assembly by clicking on the create views commands. This allows you to create shop drawings of components which are independent of the main model. Both these features have massive potential; it will start to allow for more granular detailing.